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20 Steps to Start Changing Your Wrong Beliefs

What You Believe Is What You Create

You are what you believe. If this sounds more like a New Age mantra than reality, consider the context for a minute. Your thoughts dictate your feelings. Your feelings produce emotions that can either attract or repel people. And your actions come from these beliefs and emotions you create. Actions become habits, which in turn lead to success or failure in life. This is a basic formula for understanding how you think and what you create.

The belief part of the formula can get pretty complicated, as many different thoughts or beliefs can hold you back. The first step to changing your life is changing what you believe about yourself and your abilities. Wishful thinking or negative thinking won’t cut it; you must replace these beliefs with positive ones. You can have anything in life if you will believe that it’s possible for you.

If you’re not happy with your current situation in life, the first and most crucial step is to take responsibility. In other words, don’t blame anyone else or make excuses. You are what you believe about yourself.

For example, maybe your belief about money is that it’s hard to get and easy to lose. If you think this way for a long time, it will manifest itself in the physical world and be true for you, even though it may not be true at all in reality. If you believe money is evil then you will probably spend money the wrong way, and you may think keeping it is bad. Or you may focus on the amount of money instead of what it can do for you, or where it can take you. You may be very anxious about the fact that you don’t have enough money for yourself and for your future.

How do you get started on unlearning old beliefs? How do you start changing your beliefs today. Here are some simple steps:

20 Steps to Start Changing Your Wrong Beliefs

1. Changing What You Believe about Yourself and Your Abilities. Wishful thinking or negative thinking won’t cut it; you must replace these beliefs with positive ones. You can have anything in life if you will believe that it’s possible for you.

Replace negative statements with positive ones. If you catch yourself saying something negative, like complaining or being sarcastic, catch yourself and replace it with a positive statement. This is easier said than done, but the more you do it, the more natural it will become. It isn’t easy because your mind is so used to speaking negatively that it takes time to recondition your mind.

2. Be Open-Minded. If you are open-minded, it lets you see things from different points of view. You become empathetic and allow yourself to see things and circumstances from the other person’s perspective. You are not judgmental and willing to accept and explore different ideas. You are willing to listen and compromise. And you can change your beliefs as you see their reality in the world you live in.

3. Expand your Knowledge. Keep Learning. As you learn more, you know and do better. The more knowledge you gain, the more your beliefs change. Knowledge builds a stronger belief system. Knowledge opens up new experiences which can change our old beliefs. These new experiences can also change how we perceive people. We learn to see different things about people.
Like everything else in life, our beliefs change through time and experience. Experiences can modify our beliefs. The wisdom gained from your experiences will determine what you now believe.

4. Get Rid of Excuses. The next time you catch yourself making excuses for why something isn’t working out, stop and replace the excuses with positive statements.

5. Do What You Say. If you keep telling yourself that you’re not good enough or don’t have what it takes to get a specific job or raise in pay, your subconscious mind will start thinking that way. Don’t underestimate the power of this belief system — it can control you far more than you realize.

6. Think Positive Thoughts All Day Long. Not only do thoughts become a reality, but also the reality becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. When you set a positive goal for yourself, your subconscious mind will continue to work toward that goal even if you don’t achieve it.

7. Slowly Change Your Environment to Match Your Beliefs. Most people don’t realize how powerful our thoughts are on what happens in the external world around us. It could be as simple as taking a new job or move or tackling a bigger, more intense project at work. It could also mean getting out of your comfort zone and learning new skills and ideas that you haven’t used before.

8. Believe in Yourself. It’s hard to let go of your old negative beliefs and embrace a new future for your life, but it starts with believing that everything you want can be yours if you truly believe it.

9. Believe That You Can Do It No Matter What! When you tell yourself, ” I will do whatever it takes to get a promotion,” what happens? You go out and achieve it. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking, self-belief, and belief in the power of nothing but yourself.

10. Talk About Your Goals. Talking about what you want to achieve is a powerful way to get yourself to believe that these goals are possible, and the more you talk about them, the more real they will become.

11. Write Down Your Goals. Writing them down helps focus on them and gives them more substance than just thinking about them. This is also a very effective way of making sure that you don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve as you move through life.

12. Surround Yourself With Positive People. If you surround yourself with people who will disagree with you or tell you that what you’re trying to achieve is impossible, it can hurt your beliefs and motivation. It would help if you surrounded yourself with others who will support and encourage you in your efforts.

13. Have Daily Positive Affirmations and Use Them. An effective way of changing your beliefs is to have some daily affirmation — morning, noon, or night — that focuses on what you want to achieve in life. Use Positive Affirmations. Instead of saying, “I won’t make any more mistakes,” you could say something like, “I am making quality decisions and always improving myself.”

14. Listen to Positive Affirmations. There are many systems out there that help you develop new beliefs about yourself and your life, and some of them come with audio or CD versions that you can listen to daily to keep your mind focused on what you’re trying to achieve.

15. Recognize the Negative People in Your Life. If you’re spending time with those who have negative beliefs and attitudes, recognize that this will affect you, so don’t be afraid to change your environment if necessary. Sometimes it’s not easy to walk away from people, but if they can’t respect what you’re doing and what you want to achieve, then there’s no point in you being around them. Eliminate the negative people from your life entirely. If you can’t do that, don’t waste any more time on them or their opinions.

16. Stay Away from the Negative People in Your Life. Make no mistake about this — people reflect who you are and what you believe in. If you’re hanging out with negative people, the chances are that these beliefs will rub off on you. Don’t allow this to happen.

17. Refuse to Accept any Criticism from Others When it Comes to Your Goals and Achievements. You do you, and that’s it. If other people can’t accept your choices, let them go. They will never be happy with you until you are exactly like them. Naysayers will jump for joy when they see your goals ruined in the end. Don’t listen to any of these people, as they are only trying to hold you back. Don’t accept their words and reports of failure as your own.

18. Learn to Say “No” to the Negative People in your Life. If someone gives you too much negative input when you’re trying to move forward and get rid of those old beliefs, ask them politely if they could give you some positive input instead. Or just walk away and ignore those negative input. Trust yourself and the process, no matter how difficult the path may be. You must accept that many people won’t appreciate your goals or achievements. The ones who do will be there with you when you achieve them.

19. Start an Exercise Program. Exercise is a great way to improve your beliefs and positive feelings about yourself and your goals. It helps you build a stronger body and mind and gives you a lot of physical energy to foster your motivational drive for change.

20. Get in Touch with the Things That Make You Feel Good About Yourself. There are many little things that you can do to boost your mood and energy levels, even if they seem insignificant to the average person. When you make the time to focus on these things and enhance them, instead of just doing them, you can reap the rewards that they offer.

For example, you might have the tendency to skip breakfast sometimes, or you might grab a granola bar instead of a quick meal and a cup of coffee. You may even eat without any form of satisfaction or pleasure while others around you are eating. This is not productive behavior, and it will lead to frustration and unhappiness.

Try this instead: Go out for a run early in the morning, and pay attention to how good it feels to be outside in the morning sun and fresh air. Enjoy your food and drink as if you were at a fancy restaurant, tasting every bite and taking time to savor it.

These simple strategies will give more of a positive boost to your day, without too much effort. You may not notice the effect for a few hours, but you will feel better later on in the day when you start to really appreciate those little things that make up your day.

In Summary

While it’s pretty simple to talk about changing your beliefs and actions, actually doing it is another matter. You will get frustrated at times and wonder why you keep falling back into old patterns of behavior. Just remember to do your best. Work on yourself daily. Be patient. Just keep going.

If you’re truly serious about changing your beliefs and behaviors to achieve success, let this tips guide your journey to changing your wrong beliefs.

Make sure you are aware of all of the mistakes that you have made in the past. Learn from them and change what you do so that it will not be repeated in the future. Take small steps in your efforts to change your beliefs and behaviors. You can never change everything at once. Be aware of how irrational your beliefs are because this will help keep you on track. Be determined and never give up.

In the end, you will end up being a better person because of your efforts to change your wrong beliefs and behaviors.



JoDaMel stands for my two sons and I: Joshua, Daniel and Mel. I have a passion for learning and aspire to be a successful momtrepreneur. My goal is financial freedom. My Plan: Time Management, Self-Development and Online Business. And I want to share my journey with you as I learn, plan, do, evaluate the world of online business. My hope is as I share what I learn, I can help you out in my own little way.

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